Avinash Kaushik

Actionable AI: Solutions for Unknown Unknown Problems!

Get inspired by one of the world’s top marketing data innovators about the intersection of humans and machines. He’ll help make you smarter (and cut through BS) about ways AI can help speed human output.

Joe Miscavige

Unlocking Success: The Power of Data Literacy in Your Organization

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Ling Cui

Harnessing the power of Journey Analytics in B2B2C marketing

Explore a case study of how MassMutual leverages Journey Analytics capabilities to discover, quantify, and improve the customer experience.

Jim Sterne

How Does Generative AI Change the Analytics Role?

Dive into the impact of Generative AI on the analytics process, learn how will it impact your relationship with business stakeholders, and prepare for the sea change to come.

Caitlyn Wood

From individual insights to company-level insights: Leveraging machine learning to drive B2B marketing growth

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